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Tips For Minimizing Cognitive Distractions While Driving

Posted: 04/25/2024

 Motor Vehicle Accident    Safety  

When it comes to driving distractions, cognitive distractions are particularly important to understand. These distractions affect your mental focus while driving, potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

Winter driving in Montana is Snow Joke

Posted: 02/26/2024

 Safety   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Whether you've lived in Montana your whole life or just moved here, you need to be ready, careful, and alert on the road. Here are some tips from actual Montanans across the state about how to survive driving in the winter.

Harley Riding in Montana: Driving Tips to Ensure a Safe, Smooth Ride

Posted: 07/25/2023

 Safety   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Montana is a great state for motorcycle enthusiasts, with its scenic roads, diverse terrain, and wide-open spaces. However, riding a motorcycle also comes with certain risks, especially for Harley riders.

What Do You Do When You Hit a Deer in Montana?

Posted: 12/15/2022

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

It's peak season for deer related accidents in Montana and the odds of hitting one are pretty high. Why are deer accidents so common in Montana and how to avoid them?

Motorcycle Season in Montana

Posted: 05/19/2022

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

There is nothing like viewing the beautiful Montana scenery from a motorcycle. But, before you jump on your bike, take some time now to get your motorcycle ready.

How Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are Improving Roadway Safety

Posted: 02/15/2022

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

Learn more about driver assistance technologies, how they can help you, and what you should know about these technologies when buying your next vehicle.

How Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are making it safer to drive with your smartphone

Posted: 12/06/2021

 Safety   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Smartphone use and texting are some of the most distracting activities you can do behind the wheel. Put your phone down by using these apps.

Road Fatalities in Montana are up 14.8% in 2021

Posted: 11/01/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Fatality numbers have increased in part due to the lack of seat belts being worn with risky behavior like speeding, impaired driving, and being distracted.

Can Your Smart Phone Save Your Life?

Posted: 09/16/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

Your smart device might be able to automatically detect when you're in an accident, ask if you're alright, and automatically call 911.

Traffic Deaths Rise Despite Covid Lockdowns

Posted: 04/02/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Fatalities grew in 27 states in the first half of 2020, despite a large drop in traffic volume during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe driving in severe Montana winters

Posted: 03/02/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Winters in Montana can be severe making it both frightening and dangerous for driving. Our car accident lawyers have the following suggestions.

Ridley Decision - What Happens When Innocent John is Rear-ended?

Posted: 11/19/2020

 Ridley Series   Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Our Montana car accident lawyers are well versed in the unique car accident laws in Montana and are here to help you.

How does the Slick Streets Policy Affect You When You Are in a Car Accident?

Posted: 10/22/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

As snow continues to pile up in Montana, so does the number of car accidents. What is the Slick Streets Policy and what does this mean for you when you're in an accident?

How the Ridley Decision Impacts Montana Motor Vehicle Accident Law

Posted: 09/29/2020

 Ridley Series   Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Montana motor vehicle accident laws are unique because of the Ridley decision. Our car accident lawyers have experience helping victims receive proper care.

Montana Safe Driving

Posted: 08/03/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

As COVID-19 stay-at-home orders begin to lift and Montanans are traveling more, it is crucial to remember driving safety.

What Is Cognitive Distraction While Driving?

Posted: 01/20/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

A cognitive distraction can be just as dangerous as a manual or visual one.

Is Whiplash Considered a Serious Injury?

Posted: 01/15/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Whiplash can have different levels of severity - including a serious injury with long-term disabilities.

What Do You Do If Your Car Is Sliding on Ice?

Posted: 12/20/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Ice accumulating on the roadways can make your daily commute treacherous.

Montana's Rate of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

Posted: 11/15/2019

 Personal Injury   Motor Vehicle Accident  

If you're involved in a car accident, what do you do if the other person doesn't have insurance? Or, not enough insurance?

Average Workers' Comp Settlement for a Herniated Disc

Posted: 08/29/2019

 Workers Compensation   Medical Insurance   Motor Vehicle Accident  

A herniated disc is a painful and often temporarily debilitating back injury that is common in some occupations.

Which Parties Can Be Liable for a School Bus Accident?

Posted: 08/08/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Wrongful Death  

Are school buses the safest vehicles on the road? What happens if your child has been harmed while riding a school bus while on or off the bus?

How to Deal with an Aggressive Driver

Posted: 06/25/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Coming across an aggressive driver is alarming, but you can protect yourself from potential risks by considering these tips.

Montana & the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Posted: 03/29/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

In Montana, distracted driving is a leading cause of traffic accident injuries and fatalities. Efforts have been presented to ban minors for texting, sending, or reading written communication while operating a motor vehicle. What does this mean for you?

Average Settlement Payout for Whiplash Injury?

Posted: 03/18/2019

 Medical Insurance   Motor Vehicle Accident  

While most whiplash injuries can dissipate within a week after an accident, many victims suffer from chronic pain and limited mobility for months.

What Is an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury?

Posted: 02/22/2019

 Personal Injury   Motor Vehicle Accident   Workplace Injury  

What is the difference between complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries? Often these injuries have a devastating impact on an injury victim's life, career, and phychological condition.

One Car Accident, Three Collisions

Posted: 02/08/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Knowing these three types of collisions is important as each one typically entails different risks and damages.

Montana Highway Death Count Steadily Decreases in 2018

Posted: 01/18/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Many residents of Montana lose their lives in traffic accidents each year, but new data suggests that Montana's highways are becoming safer.

Why Overloaded & Improperly Loaded Trucks Are So Dangerous

Posted: 12/22/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Overloading occurs when a truck is so heavy that it exceeds the weight limits imposed by the FMCSA. But, what are these limits and how do they impact an injury claim?

Montana Code Annotated Title 61

Posted: 12/19/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Medical Insurance  

A few of the most important aspects of this Title pertaining to insurance requirements, licensing requirements, and appropriate conduct behind the wheel.

What Is the Difference Between Contusions and Concussions?

Posted: 11/22/2018

 Personal Injury   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Even though they are separate conditions, contusions and concussions have several similarities.

Determining Liability After a Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

Posted: 11/16/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Liability in trucking accidents is one of the primary concerns when facing injuries and property damage from the large or commercial truck that destroys the car and leads to physical injury.

Montana Auto Insurance Laws

Posted: 11/15/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Medical Insurance  

Montana has laws about the minimum amount of auto insurance drivers must carry.

Montana's Cell Phone and Distracted Driving Laws

Posted: 10/27/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Distracted driving has become a top cause of fatal car accidents, driven by cell phone use behind the wheel.

Is There a Montana Law Requiring Motorcycle Riders to Wear a Helmet?

Posted: 10/19/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Before you ride your motorcycle into the Montana sunset, make sure you're obeying all the state's motorcycle laws.

Tips for Driving This Summer in Montana

Posted: 07/24/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Places like Florida and California may make the news more often for their reckless drivers, but Montana is one of the deadliest states for drivers per capita.

Tarping: A Dangerous Trucker Activity That Creates Work Comp Claims

Posted: 01/22/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Securing cargo on a truck can be difficult depending on the type of cargo. Tarping is one method that helps make securing equipment quick and convenient but there's lot of factors that can make it dangerous on the road.

How the Truck Driver Shortage Affects Trucking Accident Rates

Posted: 01/04/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident  

There's an increased demand for trucking services with increase is online shopping and shipping. These expectations have produced a truck driver shortage that you need to consider when driving.