Safe driving in severe Montana winters

Winters in Montana can be severe making it both frightening and dangerous for driving. Our car accident lawyers have the following suggestions.

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Posted: 03/02/2021
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In Montana, winters can be long and filled with snow. It is crucial that you prepare yourself and your vehicle for the winter conditions to hopefully avoid accidents like the recent one on I90 just outside of Billings, Montana involving 30 vehicles. At Odegaard Injury Lawyers, we understand that Montana winters can offer challenges. Our car accident lawyers have gathered some suggestions to set you up for success when driving in the winter weather.

Avoid Driving If Possible

The most effective way to remain safe during poor winter conditions is to avoid driving if it is not necessary. If there are winter storms predicted, prepare your home with any essential items that you may need. With many businesses utilizing digital technology to enable remote work, you may be able to complete any work tasks you need to complete from home.

Basic Winter Vehicle Maintenance

As winter conditions continue, it is even more important to partake in car maintenance. It is wise to be proactive and visit a mechanic regularly, especially before cold inclement weather. Any minor repairs that are required will get exacerbated if left ignored, especially during inclement weather.

Visit your local mechanic to ensure that you have proper working brakes, tires, fluid levels, and climate control systems. Preparing your car to run efficiently, it will prevent any winter breakdowns and accidents.

If you use snow tires or add chains to your tires, ensure you have time to prepare your vehicle with them before a winter storm begins. If you use winter tires, schedule your tire change prior to winter storm weather. There is likely opportunity to add snow chains to your vehicle on the ride, as there are some designated chain up areas to stop at.

Drive Defensively

Although it is always important to drive defensively, it is even more crucial to during inclement weather. We advise you to be careful when there is low visibility and be prepared to react to the vehicles surrounding your vehicle. The roads may be icy which can lead to vehicles spinning and losing control. Be prepared for any situation and drive slowly. If your car is sliding on ice, maintain control while staying calm without hitting the brakes or jerking your wheel.

Drive slowly and do not use cruise control when you are driving on snowy or icy surfaces. Cruise control will delay your response time and may contribute to worsening a car accident. You should allow for extra time to reach your destination to account for the slower driving pace that you may need to take.

Contact Us For Help

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident due to inclement weather, our Montana car accident lawyers are available to help. We have a winning track record of guiding our clients through an accident, and we take pride in helping our fellow Montanan’s. Contactus for a free initial consultation and stay safe while driving!

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