How to Deal with an Aggressive Driver

Coming across an aggressive driver is alarming, but you can protect yourself from potential risks by considering these tips.

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Posted: 06/25/2019
 Motor Vehicle Accident  

Unfortunately, nearly every driver has been on the receiving end of an aggressive driver exhibiting signs of road rage. Though common, especially in high-traffic areas, road rage is an extremely frightening experience that risks the lives of all involved. The sheer unpredictability of a seemingly unstable and enraged individual is enough to make even the most seasoned driver nervous. Despite your natural instinct to equally respond with anger, you must remember to de-escalate the situation to avoid any potential disasters or fatalities. Next time you encounter an aggressive driver, consider how much is on the line before you react adversely-including the safety and wellbeing of everyone in your vehicle.

Coming across an aggressive driver is alarming, but you can protect yourself from potential risks by considering these tips:

Even if it means diverting your route or pulling over, the first thing you must do is get away from the individual to avoid any possible conflicts or interactions. If possible, let them pass. You might be used to standing up for yourself, but now is not the time to let your pride get the best of you. Do not challenge an already-unstable individual by blocking their attempts to pass. Avoid eye contact and ignore any rude gestures. Remember, they are demonstrating this hostility to get your attention. If you engage, you are adding fuel to their fire. When it is safe to do so, report the driver, their vehicle license plate, and other descriptive information to law enforcement.

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