Determining Liability After a Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

Liability in trucking accidents is one of the primary concerns when facing injuries and property damage from the large or commercial truck that destroys the car and leads to physical injury.

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Posted: 11/16/2018
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Many motorists can't help but feel a shiver of anxiety any time a commercial motor vehicle comes barreling down the highway. After all, these massive 80,000 lbs. vehicles are infamous for their general instability, dangerous blind spots, and inadequate stopping power. When they are overloaded or improperly loaded, trucks are even more dangerous. Statistically, trucks are involved in over 500,000 collisions each year. When a truck accident occurs, survivors are often left with catastrophic injuries that necessitate extensive medical treatments, multiple surgical procedures, and expensive rehabilitative services. To avoid bankruptcy, an accident survivor may need to pursue damages just to facilitate their overall financial recovery. However, this can be a surprisingly complicated legal process.

Who Is Liable?

Unfortunately, obtaining compensation can be incredibly difficult when a truck driver is involved. This is because multiple parties may be considered liable for your accident. It's incredibly important to retain the services of an experienced truck accident attorney who can thoroughly investigate your case and identify the negligent entities.

The Truck Driver

Day or night and rain or shine, truck drivers have the challenging responsibility of hauling massive cargo loads across the United States. However, trucking companies often pressure their drivers to engage in negligent practices just to meet unreasonable deadlines.

Truck accidents frequently occur when drivers are forced to:
  • Drive over the speed limit
  • Drive while fatigued
  • Drive recklessly
  • Drive under the influence of amphetamines

The Trucking Company

Trucking companies are held to strict federal standards under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Even so, trucking companies often take dangerous short cuts just to make a profit. Despite federal regulations and potential penalties, these companies frequently push their drivers to meet unrealistic expectations while driving vehicles that haven't been properly maintained. Truck accidents are a tragic consequence of these companies prioritizing financial gain over public safety.

The Truck Maintenance Company

Trucking companies usually hire other businesses to properly service and maintain their fleet vehicles. However, if the maintenance company isn't thorough or diligent in their duties, a deadly accident can easily occur.

The Cargo Company

In the mad rush to cycle through truckers, cargo companies frequently cut corners by overloading and improperly loading trucks. Sadly, a driver can easily lose control of a truck if it's unbalanced by mismanaged weight.

The Truck Manufacturer

Truck manufacturers are responsible for making certain that the vehicles they release are both safe and functional. When a truck malfunctions due to defective vehicle parts, the lives of countless motorists and pedestrians could be in jeopardy.

Hold a Negligent Party Accountable by Scheduling a Consultation Today

If you've been injured by the actions of a negligent truck driver, contact the Montana truck accident attorneys at Odegaard Injury Lawyers. Our experienced legal team can investigate your accident and pinpoint which negligent parties should be held accountable for your injuries. With this information, we can help you file an effective claim that may yield significant damages. Our lawyers have the skills and resources to zealously negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. If necessary, we can take your case to court to ensure that you receive the compensation your injuries warrant.

Contact Odegaard Injury Lawyers at (406) 222-2222 or fill out our Case Evaluation contact form schedule a consultation.

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