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Winter driving in Montana is Snow Joke

Posted: 02/26/2024

 Safety    Motor Vehicle Accident  

Whether you've lived in Montana your whole life or just moved here, you need to be ready, careful, and alert on the road. Here are some tips from actual Montanans across the state about how to survive driving in the winter.

Harley Riding in Montana: Driving Tips to Ensure a Safe, Smooth Ride

Posted: 07/25/2023

 Safety   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Montana is a great state for motorcycle enthusiasts, with its scenic roads, diverse terrain, and wide-open spaces. However, riding a motorcycle also comes with certain risks, especially for Harley riders.

What Do You Do When You Hit a Deer in Montana?

Posted: 12/15/2022

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

It's peak season for deer related accidents in Montana and the odds of hitting one are pretty high. Why are deer accidents so common in Montana and how to avoid them?

Motorcycle Season in Montana

Posted: 05/19/2022

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

There is nothing like viewing the beautiful Montana scenery from a motorcycle. But, before you jump on your bike, take some time now to get your motorcycle ready.

How Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are Improving Roadway Safety

Posted: 02/15/2022

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

Learn more about driver assistance technologies, how they can help you, and what you should know about these technologies when buying your next vehicle.

How Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are making it safer to drive with your smartphone

Posted: 12/06/2021

 Safety   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Smartphone use and texting are some of the most distracting activities you can do behind the wheel. Put your phone down by using these apps.

Can Your Smart Phone Save Your Life?

Posted: 09/16/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Safety  

Your smart device might be able to automatically detect when you're in an accident, ask if you're alright, and automatically call 911.