How does the Slick Streets Policy Affect You When You Are in a Car Accident?

As snow continues to pile up in Montana, so does the number of car accidents. What is the Slick Streets Policy and what does this mean for you when you're in an accident?

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Posted: 10/22/2020
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The weather in Montana is always a topic of conversation. Most Montanans know that if you want the weather to change, "just wait a few minutes". This is usually the case during the autumn months where temperatures fluctuate quickly and we start seeing snow not only in the higher elevations but in towns and cities like Billings and Helena. While a sudden dump of snow can be a good sign for skiing and snowboarding, it also means treacherously icy roadways for commuters. No matter how skilled the driver, the number of motor vehicle accidents spikes dramatically as road conditions worsen.

Police Departments in Montana cities like Billings started issuing a "slick streets" policy once dispatch has reached a high call volume of crashes. When the policy is activated, officers may not respond to accidents if it doesn't involve a serious injury, DUI, or disabled vehicle.

If You're in an Accident During the Slick Streets Policy

If the vehicles can be moved and there are no apparent injuries, you should move your vehicles to the side of the road to prevent any further accidents. The Billings Police Department also recommends exchanging names, vehicle and insurance information, and reporting the accident to the Montana Highway Patrol. The form can be obtained from the Crime Prevention Center at 406-247-8590 or online.

You Should Still Call in Your Accident

According to the Billings Police Department, if you are involved in an accident during slick streets policy, you should still contact the dispatch center at 406-657-8200. They will provide you with additional information and instructions.

8 Steps You Should Follow if You're in a car accident

The main thing to remember when you're in any motor vehicle accident is to try and remain calm and don't risk the safety of everyone involved.

  1. Call law enforcement
  2. Get the insurance information of all parties involved
  3. Exchange contact information with all parties involved
  4. Take as many pictures of the scene and vehicles involved
  5. Document the time, place, and surrounding circumstances (was it raining?)
  6. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses
  7. Be sure to follow up and get checked medically
  8. Contact your motor vehicle accident attorney to pursue next steps

After you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, call our motor vehicle accident attorneys once you are safe. We have experience helping our clients navigate through this difficult time. Although it is best practice to call an experienced attorney right after an accident, it is never too late after an accident to call our team. We will always explore how we can help you. Let us focus on the legal aspects of your accident so you can focus on your recovery. We will contact hospitals, police officers, and witnesses to ensure your rights are being fought for. We are passionate about the work we do because we love helping people. Let us help you. Contact us for a consultation and to learn more.

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