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Paul Odegaard Earns Best Lawyers in America Award for 2024

Posted: 11/02/2023

 News    Workers Compensation    Personal Injury  

Partner attorney Paul Odegaard is recognized by peer reviewed Best Lawyers for the award of Best Lawyers in America for 2024.

Will A Government Shutdown Affect My Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Posted: 10/11/2023

 Workers Compensation  

Amidst political turmoil on Capitol Hill, the government can reach a point of shutdown. During this time, numerous federal services come to a halt, leaving many to wonder about the status of their workers' compensation benefits.

What To Do If You're Hurt On The Job in Montana

Posted: 05/22/2023

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

Getting hurt on the job can be a hard situation to deal with. But, it doesn't have to be. Read these crucial steps to protect your rights.

Do You Need a Lawyer with a Workers' Compensation Claim?

Posted: 04/13/2023

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

Workers’ compensation is a system that's supposed to provide benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries. However, there are many issues that can arise when filing a claim.

The Top 5 Workers' Compensation Questions Answered

Posted: 09/12/2022

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

We've compiled the top questions injured workers often have after they get hurt on the job. Do any of these sound familiar?

Montana Workers' Compensation Glossary of Terms

Posted: 01/14/2022

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

If you're dealing with a workers' compensation claim, you might be confused by all of the terminology. We break down all of the terms and acronyms.

Can I Receive Social Security Disability Benefits and Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Posted: 04/27/2021

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

If you are unable to work because of a work-related injury in Montana, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in addition to workers' compensation benefits. The relationship between these benefits can be complicated, here’s what you need to know.

The Most Common Questions With Maximum Medical Improvements, MMI

Posted: 03/15/2021

 Workers Compensation   Medical Insurance  

At some point during your WC claim the medical providers you’ve seen for your injury will determine you are at maximum medical improvement, MMI. What does that mean and what does it mean for your WC claim?

5 Signs You Need to Contact a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Posted: 02/08/2021

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

The process involved with a Workers' Compensation Claim can be extremely confusing after you've been hurt on the job. At what point do you need to reach out to an attorney?

Can I File A Workers' Compensation Claim If I Wasn't Injured On a Specific Day?

Posted: 12/31/2020

 Workplace Injury   Workers Compensation  

Sometimes, a work-related injury happens over time and not on a specific day from a specific accident. Don't miss out on your opportunity to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Can I Receive Social Security Retirement Benefits and Workers' Compensation?

Posted: 12/04/2020

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

Sometimes, a work injury can be the last straw for a hardworking Montanan who is nearing their retirement. If a worker has done heavy physical work their whole life and an injury takes them out of work, it may be too late for them to start a new career.

What happens to my medical benefits when I reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

Posted: 10/15/2020

 Workers Compensation   Medical Insurance  

Reaching MMI is a critical decision point in the life of a workers' compensation claim. If you need help with your workers compensation claim, we can help!

Will workers' compensation retrain me for a different job?

Posted: 08/17/2020

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

This is one of the most common questions we hear from people who were injured while working in Montana.

Can I file a workers' compensation claim if I'm exposed to Covid-19 at work?

Posted: 07/16/2020

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

The Covid-19 pandemic creates an entirely new situation if exposed at your workplace.

Common Workplace Safety Shortcuts to Avoid

Posted: 11/25/2019

 Workplace Injury   Workers Compensation  

It is natural to want to increase productivity and save time at work by finding shortcuts. There is no shortcut, however, in safety.

25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Posted: 10/10/2019

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

Which jobs and occupations are the most dangerous? The answer might surprise you.

Average Workers' Comp Settlement for a Herniated Disc

Posted: 08/29/2019

 Workers Compensation   Medical Insurance   Motor Vehicle Accident  

A herniated disc is a painful and often temporarily debilitating back injury that is common in some occupations.

Attorney Paul Odegaard Selected for the 2020 Best Lawyers in America

Posted: 08/23/2019

 Workers Compensation   News  

Attorney Paul D. Odegaard was recognized by Best Lawyers, a peer review website for legal professionals, for inclusion in the 26th edition of 'The Best Lawyers in America'. Lawyers were evaluated on multiple levels and chosen by a competitive selection process.

The Importance of a Timely Workers' Compensation Claim

Posted: 07/30/2019

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

Workers' compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that provides financial reimbursements for any work-related illnesses and injuries. Workers' compensation can cover a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, but what happens if a claimant waits too long to file a claim?

What is the Difference Between Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury?

Posted: 05/04/2019

 Workers Compensation   Personal Injury   Workplace Injury  

After sustaining an injury at work, it can be difficult to determine the best course of action to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve for recovery. It's easy to get overwheled by the distictions between workers' compensation and personal injury and what your options are.

Can I Fire My Lawyer Before Settlement?

Posted: 03/14/2019

 Personal Injury   Workers Compensation  

From miscommunication issues to a lack of transparency, you may encounter several issues that indicate you need a better lawyer.

Common Injuries & Illnesses Prevalent in the Coal Mining Industry

Posted: 08/17/2018

 Workers Compensation   Personal Injury  

Coal miners work long hours and is considered one of the most dangerous professions. When an injury occurs, the best action to do right away is seek medical attention.

When Workers' Compensation Isn't Enough

Posted: 07/24/2018

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury  

The law in Montana requires all employers to carry workers' compensation for all full-time employees.

Which Injuries Can a Person File a Workers' Comp Claim for?

Posted: 04/13/2018

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury   Personal Injury  

Between continuous motion, heavy lifting, and dangerous conditions, accidents in the workplace may happen at any time. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury while on the clock, you may be able to file a workers' comp claim.

What is Workers' Compensation?

Posted: 03/26/2018

 Workers Compensation  

Most people have heard about Workers' Compensation benefits, but unless a person has actually had to file and pursue a "work comp" claim, few people have a full understanding of how the work comp "system" works.

Punitive vs. Compensatory Damages

Posted: 02/12/2018

 Wrongful Death   Personal Injury   Workers Compensation  

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone's else's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. There are two types of damages you may recover as a plaintiff: compensatory damages and punitive damages.