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Paul Odegaard Earns Best Lawyers in America Award for 2024

Posted: 11/02/2023

 News    Workers Compensation    Personal Injury  

Partner attorney Paul Odegaard is recognized by peer reviewed Best Lawyers for the award of Best Lawyers in America for 2024.

Road Fatalities in Montana are up 14.8% in 2021

Posted: 11/01/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Fatality numbers have increased in part due to the lack of seat belts being worn with risky behavior like speeding, impaired driving, and being distracted.

Traffic Deaths Rise Despite Covid Lockdowns

Posted: 04/02/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Fatalities grew in 27 states in the first half of 2020, despite a large drop in traffic volume during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe driving in severe Montana winters

Posted: 03/02/2021

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Winters in Montana can be severe making it both frightening and dangerous for driving. Our car accident lawyers have the following suggestions.

Ridley Decision - What Happens When Innocent John is Rear-ended?

Posted: 11/19/2020

 Ridley Series   Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Our Montana car accident lawyers are well versed in the unique car accident laws in Montana and are here to help you.

How the Ridley Decision Impacts Montana Motor Vehicle Accident Law

Posted: 09/29/2020

 Ridley Series   Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Montana motor vehicle accident laws are unique because of the Ridley decision. Our car accident lawyers have experience helping victims receive proper care.

Montana Safe Driving

Posted: 08/03/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

As COVID-19 stay-at-home orders begin to lift and Montanans are traveling more, it is crucial to remember driving safety.

What Is Cognitive Distraction While Driving?

Posted: 01/20/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

A cognitive distraction can be just as dangerous as a manual or visual one.

Is Whiplash Considered a Serious Injury?

Posted: 01/15/2020

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Whiplash can have different levels of severity - including a serious injury with long-term disabilities.

Montana's Rate of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

Posted: 11/15/2019

 Personal Injury   Motor Vehicle Accident  

If you're involved in a car accident, what do you do if the other person doesn't have insurance? Or, not enough insurance?

What is the Difference Between Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury?

Posted: 05/04/2019

 Workers Compensation   Personal Injury   Workplace Injury  

After sustaining an injury at work, it can be difficult to determine the best course of action to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve for recovery. It's easy to get overwheled by the distictions between workers' compensation and personal injury and what your options are.

Montana & the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Posted: 03/29/2019

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

In Montana, distracted driving is a leading cause of traffic accident injuries and fatalities. Efforts have been presented to ban minors for texting, sending, or reading written communication while operating a motor vehicle. What does this mean for you?

How Much Do Insurance Companies Pay for Pain and Suffering?

Posted: 03/15/2019

 Medical Insurance   Personal Injury  

This non-economic damage can be difficult to calculate; however, insurance companies have two methods for determining this payout.

Can I Fire My Lawyer Before Settlement?

Posted: 03/14/2019

 Personal Injury   Workers Compensation  

From miscommunication issues to a lack of transparency, you may encounter several issues that indicate you need a better lawyer.

What Is an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury?

Posted: 02/22/2019

 Personal Injury   Motor Vehicle Accident   Workplace Injury  

What is the difference between complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries? Often these injuries have a devastating impact on an injury victim's life, career, and phychological condition.

Personal Injury Settlements & Medicare

Posted: 01/04/2019

 Personal Injury   Medical Insurance  

As your medical bills start piling up, you may start wondering who you can turn to for immediate financial assistance. Fortunately, Medicare will cover any medical expenses related to your personal injury claim. However, there are certain rules and procedures you must follow if you want to benefit from this program.

Why Overloaded & Improperly Loaded Trucks Are So Dangerous

Posted: 12/22/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Overloading occurs when a truck is so heavy that it exceeds the weight limits imposed by the FMCSA. But, what are these limits and how do they impact an injury claim?

What Is the Difference Between Contusions and Concussions?

Posted: 11/22/2018

 Personal Injury   Motor Vehicle Accident  

Even though they are separate conditions, contusions and concussions have several similarities.

Determining Liability After a Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

Posted: 11/16/2018

 Motor Vehicle Accident   Personal Injury  

Liability in trucking accidents is one of the primary concerns when facing injuries and property damage from the large or commercial truck that destroys the car and leads to physical injury.

Common Injuries & Illnesses Prevalent in the Coal Mining Industry

Posted: 08/17/2018

 Workers Compensation   Personal Injury  

Coal miners work long hours and is considered one of the most dangerous professions. When an injury occurs, the best action to do right away is seek medical attention.

Which Injuries Can a Person File a Workers' Comp Claim for?

Posted: 04/13/2018

 Workers Compensation   Workplace Injury   Personal Injury  

Between continuous motion, heavy lifting, and dangerous conditions, accidents in the workplace may happen at any time. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury while on the clock, you may be able to file a workers' comp claim.

Why Hire an Attorney Recognized by Super Lawyers®?

Posted: 03/13/2018

 News   Personal Injury  

What is Super Lawyers and what does it mean for you for your personal injury case?

Punitive vs. Compensatory Damages

Posted: 02/12/2018

 Wrongful Death   Personal Injury   Workers Compensation  

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone's else's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. There are two types of damages you may recover as a plaintiff: compensatory damages and punitive damages.