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Our law firm has received some of the highest verdicts in Montana. Our Billings, MT workers' compensation lawyers take pride in standing up for injured workers.

At Odegaard Injury Lawyers, we have 100+ years years experience with the Montana Workers' Compensation claims process in Billings and throughout the state of Montana. Our lawyers have worked tirelessly to help our clients recover the compensation they deserve. We have achieved some of the largest verdicts and settlements awarded for Montana workers compensation cases to date.

How does Workers' Compensation Work in Montana?

In the state of Montana, Worker's Compensation covers a variety of work-related injuries. It provides benefits to employees who are ill, injured, or even killed on the job. According to the Montana Workers' Compensation Act, the injured worker does not have to provide fault in order to receive benefits. These benefits are designed to help an employee recover and ultimately return to their job. While this sounds simple enough, the system can be complex and confusing, especially if it's your first time filing a work claim injury.

Where the Workers' Compensation Claims process really gets complicated is with Insurance Companies. Insurance Companies are profit focused businesses whose priority is to limit the amount paid out on a claim. With a system designed to favor insurance companies over injured workers, it's very easy for them deny benefits, limit the amount of time for a claim, and even require injured workers to use unfair 'independent' medical examiners designed to agree with the insurance companies. The only way to fight this kind of system is with a Billings, Montana Worker's Compensation lawyer who knows how to help you get the fair and full benefits entitled to you so you can focus on recovering from your injury.

A workplace injury has the potential to change your entire life. A serious injury can make it impossible for you to perform the everyday activities that you are accustomed to in the workplace and in your home. If you have been seriously injured while on the job, you need to trust that you have someone who is working hard to help you recover the compensation you need when you are unable to work.

Helping guide you through the Workers' Compensation process

Under the Montanan Workers' Compensation Act, there are many specific requirements that you have to follow at the appropriate time to qualify for benefits. Some of the issues that we can assist you in your case include:

  • Helping you follow all of the policies and procedures required by the Montana workers' compensation system, as well as assisting with any hearings or appeals that result in your case
  • Representing your interests in negotiations or litigation with your employer's insurer
  • Ensuring that you receive the medical care you need to address your specific injuries

In addition to helping with workers' compensation claims, our Billings, Montana Workers' Compensation lawyers have particular skill with third-party workplace injury claims. These situations often arise in construction accidents when there is some sort of third party, such as a contractor, subcontractor, or owner who has control over a particular job site. In some of these cases, it may be possible to have claims against these third parties for your injuries. These claims will not fall under the limitations of the workers' compensation system.

We have successfully represented dozens of seriously injured workers with "Safe Place to Work" claims against third parties. We have been associated by numerous firms throughout Montana to work on these "Safe Place to Work" cases.

Work injury claims can often involve many details and factors that need to be closely examined to establish liability. We will gladly review your situation to determine the best approach to take to help you maximize the compensation available to you.

Have your Workers' Compensation benefits been denied?

The Billings, Montana Worker's Compensation lawyers of Odegaard Injury Lawyers have 100+ years of experience with Workers' Compensation and can help you in your fight for justice. Our law firm has received some of the highest verdicts in Montana. Our Billings, MT workers' compensation lawyers take pride in standing up for injured workers. Contact Odegaard Injury Lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.


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